HIVE : A Warehousing Tool

Hive is basically a Data Warehouse Infrastructure Tool, which is used for processing structured data in Hadoop. Primarily

Let’s Understand Data Lake, Data Warehouse and Database

“Data lakes, data warehouses, and databases “–All these are some terminologies used in

What is Data Lake?

Data lakes are becoming increasingly important as people, especially in business and technology,

How to Build Big Data Analytics Infrastructure

ref   Big data can bring huge benefits to businesses of all

Everything about Kotlin

Kotlin is a general purpose, open source, statically typed “pragmatic” programming language for the JVM and Android that combines object-oriented and functional programming features. It is focused on interoperability, safety,

10 Essential Books for Deep Learning

Deep learning is a significant part of what makes up the broader subject of machine learning. Still relatively new, its popularity is constantly growing and so it makes sense that

Understanding Fast Data and its Importance in an IoT-driven world

Internet of Things and now Industrial Internet of Things , both are making great impact in the World so lots of people are analyzing the impact the Internet of Things

11 Most Significant Tips for Learning Python Programming

Stack Overflow data indicates the increasing use of Python — possibly encouraged by its data science friendliness — has driven it to new levels of popularity, making it the “fastest-growing

Let’s Learn R – Leading Tool for Machine Learning, Statistics, and Data Analysis

R programming is about 70%  widely used tool from among all the Data analytics tools and languages because it is an open source free software easily extendable with lots of

Some Important Means to learn NodeJS

Node.js, a revolutionary technology, is the immediate and near future of modern web application development with JavaScript as the sole server-side language. Node.js is V8 (the JavaScript engine running inside