10 Common Interview Preparation Mistakes

For every software engineering role, however good your CV might be, it all boils down to one thing – The Interview.

Whether you get the job or get rejected is evidently rely on the interview.

Here we have limelighted a list of interview preparation mistakes that majority makes.

1.Not practicing the coding questions

  • A common problem with most of the people is that they don’t practice writing the codes.
  • They simply type it or have a look at it. This is inviting a blunder as in the real interview, you have to write down the code in a pressure situation with minimum errors.

2.Ignoring behavioural questions

  •  Most aspirants simply mug up a few standard answers to behavioural questions and then simply ignore them.
  • Don’t make the same mistake because these carry almost equal weightage as their technical counterparts.

3.Not taking a mock interview

  • Many of the students, especially those from reputed colleges, tend to ignore the fact that solving a code alone and solving a code in front of 4 people who are ready to attack you is totally different.
  • It is important to take as many mock interviews as you can with friends and mentors, so that you are confident in the real day.

4.Not solving problems aloud

  • Many of the aspirants simply write the code on paper.
  • In an interview, not only do you have to write the solution, but also you have to explain the answer as you write.
  • This is something that must be practiced.

5.Trying to memorize tricky problems 

  • There are certain problems that a person may find difficult.The natural tendency in such cases is to memorize the code.
  • This doesn’t work at all in an interview because there are high chances the interview panelists will ask for the explanation as well.
  • Make sure you understand the solutions too!

6.Rushing to complete the code

  • Many of the aspirants rush through their code and make certain (small) errors. For example, you might miss a semicolon or miss a f in scanf().
  • While these are something that won’t change the verdict of the panelists, still it shows about your carelessness.
  • Thus, always take your time and never rush through the code.

7.Forgetting about negative or else test cases

  • It may seem to you that you have written the entire code correctly, but the interviewer may quickly identify a test case where it fails.
  • Make sure you think about it first before diving in so that your interviewer can’t bounce back at you!

8.Giving up

  • Interviewers hate people who give up quickly. Even if you cannot solve a question, do not give up.Just try harder and harder.
  • Bonus? Panelists may help you out sometimes too.

9.Not preparing to ask questions to interviewer(s)

  • This is one mistake that 90% of all aspirants make. Interviewers get bored of people who just answer their questions and never ask something back.
  • Make sure you prepare a question or two, so that you can interact better with your potential employer.

10.Jumping to questions related to salary

  • Many people who ask questions to the interviewers, end up asking about the salary first. This is not desirable at all.
  • Always let the interviewer take the first move regarding salary.

These are the few common mistakes that every job aspirant make. Make sure you don’t do this, so that you have better chances of getting that dream job of yours!

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