10 Points to be Considered While Designing a Website

The internet is the most powerful tool of the recent times. Everyone, from a student to a businessman needs internet. And what is needed for running the web? Websites.

Today, a huge number of websites are being made to cater to the needs of various businesses, organizations and people. However, designing a website isn’t an easy task.

Here are the top 10 things that must be kept in mind while designing websites :

1.Browser and OS Compatibility 

  • The website should be designed in a manner that it supports maximum number of devices, browsers and operating system.
  • Ignoring OSs which have lower market share may result in a lowering of the website to a much greater extent than you can imagine.

2.Website Speed

  • While technology has made lives simpler, it has also reduced our patience to a great extent.
  • A research shows that if the loading time of a website is greater than 10 seconds, then more than 90% of the users simply close the tab. It is important to design a very fast website.


  • Often, the very first thing that comes to mind while designing a website is the site map.
  • The site map should be relevant to the organization and should be compact and user-friendly, so that users have lesser difficulty in navigating through the website.

4.Display Resolution

  • The display resolution should be set in a proper manner so that it can be viewed properly in most devices including phones, tablets and even smart televisions, which are increasing in the normal household day by day.

5.Fonts, Graphics and Colors

  • With so many websites available on the internet, users are tired of the same old graphics and fonts.
  • You have to make it stand out from the rest. Make sure you use good contrasts and fonts that go well with the theme of the site.

6.User-centric design

  • User-centric designing increases the usefulness as well as usability of websites to a large extent, increasing traffic and engagement on the website.
  • This is something that designers tend to ignore, but is one of the most important aspects of website designing.

7.Mobile-friendly/Responsive Website

  • Most of the users do not use a desktop to view websites, they use mobile phones most of the time.
  • It is important to keep in mind that the designed site is mobile-friendly and responds well even on mobile devices.


  • Sometimes, the graphics stutter or the sidebar takes a long time while opening up. Some tabs do not work on some websites as well.
  • All these makes navigation on the site very difficult and drives away a chunk of users from the site. It is important to make sure that navigating within the site is quick and easy.

9.Call to action

  • The text in the boxes, the colour, the graphics –  everything matters if you want to get better conversion rates.
  • Make sure you design these carefully, and keep content relevant to what the site exactly does.

10.Active blog

  • Maintaining an active blog for a site is very important to generate more revenue and drive more users to your site.
  • However, this should be done when all of the above aspects have been taken care of.


So these are a few things that will make you a great website design architect from just another website designer! Make sure you never forget these!


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