10 Strategies to Solve Problems in Competitive Exams

For any competitive exams like gate only concepts is not enough ,you need strategy to solve problems.

This 10 strategy steps helps you to increase you problem solving technique and aid in better problem solving skill, watch videos to understand strategies in better way.

Strategy #1: Engage in Successful Flailing

One can often identify to which topic a challenge belongs — but still have no clue as to how to start on the challenge. What should you do? Engage in successful flailing! Think about everything you know about topic. Read the question out loud and then describe it again in different words.

Strategy #2: Do Something

Innovation in research and business is not an easy pursuit. Many times one is stymied and not even able to conceive of any next step to take. Perhaps the most powerful of problem-solving techniques, in academics and in life, is to simply DO SOMETHING, no matter how irrelevant or unhelpful it may seem!

Strategy #3: Engage in Wishful Thinking

If there is something in life you want, make it happen! (And be then willing to handle the consequences of your actions with care and grace!)

Strategy #4: Draw a Picture

To drill down to analytic techniques Visual thinking can unlock deep insight! So visualize the problem.

Strategy #5: Solve a Smaller Version of the Same Problem

A large, complex task can be made comprehensible by examining a smaller, analogous version.

Strategy #6: Eliminate Incorrect Choices

Eliminating what cannot be right helps determine that which must be correct!

Strategy #7: Perseverance is Key

Persistence and perseverance are key skills absolutely vital for any success in original academic actions.

Strategy #8: Second-Guess the Author

All problems are pre framed, relate to with previous problem you learnt and try to make guess of how author has designed the problem.

Strategy #9: Avoid Hard Work

No one enjoys hard computation or a tedious grind through formulas and equations. Brute-force work should be undertaken only as a last resort! Do what a mathematician does – think very hard first to devise a creative, elegant approach that avoids hard work!

Strategy #10: Go to Extremes

It is fun to be quirky and push ideas to the edge! Taking the parameters of a problem to an extreme can give insight to the workings of the situation described. And such insight can often illuminate a path for success

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