12 Best Resources to Learn Java

As a versatile languages and “Write once and run anywhere” concept,made Java to have very wide applications.ML libraries are usually implemented in Java.So becoming expert in Java will give you more learnings and job opportunities.

There are ample of resources available in internet to learn java.To make your learning easy and evident,we have complied the 12 best resources to learn java,where you can find contents, training and tutorials for learning java.


The vogella GmbH is a German company based in Hamburg. It offers services such as consulting, development, development support and training in the Eclipse, Android and Git. They provide free online tutorials in Java, Eclipse, Web, Git and Android Development. 

2. Javase

The best place to find latest version of java with tutorials, tools, core libraries, documentation and many more things is oracle’s  JDK Documentation page.

3.Youtube Java tutorial by Derek Banas

Here is the YouTube playlist to learn java taught by Derek Banas, there are total 94 videos in playlists cover almost complete core java as well as few topics from advance java. Derek Banas creates videos on demand according to requirement by viewers.

4.Cave of Programming

Cave of Programming is a place where you can find courses and articles on different programming language like C++,Java , Advance Java, Perl , C# and many more.

5. JavaWorld

JavaWorld is the leading independent resource for enterprise Java technology developers, architects, and managers who want to learn more about Java and related technologies from professional developers and trusted industry experts. Java World provides the guidance to core audience of IT professionals who are planning, developing, deploying, and integrating Java-based solutions on an enterprise level.Other than this you can also find latests news on recent technology at javaworld.


Java9s is a place where you can fin video lectures on core java,J2EE, struts,Spring 3MVc and Hibernate.


Javaranch is a usre friendly place to leran java,here youcan have books , study materials and tutorials on java, and other than this you can also test your skills in java programming.


MKyong is for java and J2EE developers, all examples are simple nad easy to understand, and well tested in development environment.

9. JavaTechWorld

JavaTechWorld is online tutorial portal which provide tutorial related to Java, Groovy, Automation Testing Using Concordion Framework and Interview Question for Fresher and Experienced.


Studytonight is a vision to provide free and easy education to everyone on the Internet. You can gain  Knowledge, collect notes, discuss problems on java as well as other computer science areas as well.


LearnJavaOnline this platform provides facility of learning java online, where you can not only learn java concepts but also executes programs as well.


Wideskills attempts to teach basics of Java programming Language in plain English using huge number of java source code examples spread across various topics. This site is for absolute starters to learn java who do not require any prerequisite Java knowledge. This site can also be used by advanced java developers.

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