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Scripting Languages on JVM

Initially JVM was designed to support only Java.Later with the growing needs and technology many scripting languages are developed which can run on JVM. Scala,Clojure and Jython are the top 3 scripting languages among many that can run

BitBucket Advantages and Disadvantages

Version Control Systems are tools which help manage the code for a project as it changes over time. They allow past versions of the project to be saved in case new changes break things. They also have quite

How to learn Machine learning

With the growing dependence on IT, every good company is using artificial intelligence and machine learning to make the user experience better just like YouTube is using it to give you suggestions about the videos, Google for

How To Use LinkedIn To Get Job – Do’s And Dont’s

What do Microsoft, eBay, Netflix, and Target have in common? All these companies (and many more) have used LinkedIn to recruit candidates for employment. LinkedIn is an online directory of individual professionals and organizations. Individuals use LinkedIn

Introduction to Git and GitHub

GIT Git is a free and open source distributed version control system designed to handle projects with speed and efficiency. It is written by the creator of Linux, Linus Torvalds, after he got frustrated with proprietary software. Git is similar to

Students must have Productivity Improvement Apps and Books

“Do the hard jobs first.The easy jobs will takecare of themselves”. -Dale carnegie Have you ever wondered how some students get good scores and still have time to hangout and play.Its all because of their productivity. Below

JVM – Java Virtual Machine

JVM is the platform where Java programs run and it is the one which makes java program as platform independent.It is used in many,many different ways,from desktop applications to online real time trading systems. Execution process JAVAC

Big data , hadoop and spark

Big data is an important technology as it allows analyzing large amounts of information – both structured and unstructured – quickly. Map Reduce is a paradigm that allows computation to be done in distributed and parallel manner.

9 Must Know Programming Languages for the First Time Coder

For the first time coder,it may be challenging to find which programming language to start with.With the growing demand and need in technology,bring a new programming language to exist quite often. The basic foundation of all programming

How Continuous Integration Works with Jenkins

Jenkins is one of the devops and open source automation tool written in Java with plugins built for Continuous Integration purpose. With Jenkins, organizations can accelerate the software development process through automation. Jenkins integrates development life-cycle processes of