5 Reasons Why Student Visa Applications Are Rejected

A lot of times, we see even deserving students getting into depression because their visa application is rejected.Everyone has a different reason for getting their application cancelled.

Here are the top 5 reasons

1. Inappropriate Course of Study

If the authorities think that the programme of study you have chosen is inappropriate for you, they may reject your visa application.
For example, for someone who has done Accountacy and is trying to get into Hotel Management, this may become an issue.

2. No Intention to Return to Home Country After Course Ends

If you wish to remain in your country of study after finishing your course, the officers may reject your visa application.
This is why, you should never say that you are not retuning to India or your home country.However, saying this does not mean that you cannot apply for renewals or extension. You can always do so, but initially you should keep your options open.

3. Financial Condition

While this should never be a issue, because most of us who choose the path of higher studies get a scholarship, but if the visa officers think you are unable to pay for your course, then the application may get rejected.

4. Letter of Acceptance

The institute from which you have a letter of acceptance must be registered with the government of the country. Otherwise, the officials may question this letter of acceptance and refuse to give a visa.

5. Documents

If the documents are fraudulent or incorrect due to some reason, the officials may cancel your application.So these are the top reasons for getting your visa application rejected.

Make sure you avoid these.All the best for your higher studies!

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