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Technical and Non-Technical Topics that are Needed in Corporate but not Taught in Colleges

Colleges are meant to prepare students to sustain in this corporate world by teaching them technical as well as non-technical topics.But knowingly or unknowingly, it is not happening in all the cases. Considering this,below we have summarized

Importance of Soft Skills

In the present scenario it takes more than just technical grades and perseverance to cherry pick your job profile. This is especially true for engineering graduates as is highlighted in the study conducted by Aspiring minds, a

5 Skills that helps to get more career opportunities

IT/Software is a rapidly changing field that requires learning every day. Of course, you are ready to learn, but finding the right technologies to learn can be challenging. There are so many passing fads in technology, that

How Discrete Mathematics and Computer Science are closely related

Mathematics is an exciting growth area of research in the modern information age.Computer science and Mathematics are closely related, each providing support and suggesting new problems to the other. Today, Discrete Mathematics is an exciting and rapidly

What are the different Job roles of a Python Developer

Learn Python and you don’t have to worry about finding a job.There are few Programming languages/skills can get you different job roles.Python is one among them. Python is used right from scripting to constructing large websites. There

Campus to Corporate – Points to be Considered for this Transistion

Campus to Corporate transitions is a complete change in your life. you will have excitement as well as fear. There will be new challenges, new people, new environment and no one to guide, you will have to

12 Best Resources to Learn Java

As a versatile languages and “Write once and run anywhere” concept,made Java to have very wide applications.ML libraries are usually implemented in Java.So becoming expert in Java will give you more learnings and job opportunities. There are

Higher education in Germany

There is a general assumption among people that higher education, especially if you want to study abroad, is always costly. But that is not the case at all. If you have the merit, you can even receive

Alternatives To Learning From Textbooks

Learning is a Journey. You will never know everything you need to know to solve all your problems. To make the learning interesting,here i have cataloged the alternatives to learning from textbooks. Alternative methods Most people find

10 Strategies to Solve Problems in Competitive Exams

For any competitive exams like gate only concepts is not enough ,you need strategy to solve problems. This 10 strategy steps helps you to increase you problem solving technique and aid in better problem solving skill, watch videos to