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Introduction to Data Mining Techniques

Today, the demand for data analysts and data scientists is so high that the companies are struggling to fill their open positions. A data scientist is the most in-demand job title in the market and as per

Scripting Languages on JVM

Initially JVM was designed to support only Java.Later with the growing needs and technology many scripting languages are developed which can run on JVM. Scala,Clojure and Jython are the top 3 scripting languages among many that can run

JVM – Java Virtual Machine

JVM is the platform where Java programs run and it is the one which makes java program as platform independent.It is used in many,many different ways,from desktop applications to online real time trading systems. Execution process JAVAC

Big data , hadoop and spark

Big data is an important technology as it allows analyzing large amounts of information – both structured and unstructured – quickly. Map Reduce is a paradigm that allows computation to be done in distributed and parallel manner.

9 Must Know Programming Languages for the First Time Coder

For the first time coder,it may be challenging to find which programming language to start with.With the growing demand and need in technology,bring a new programming language to exist quite often. The basic foundation of all programming

12 Tips On Salary Negotiation

The key to successful salary negotiation is to avoid getting screwed.There are two main strategies, The first strategy is to convince the company that you are worth more by skill level. The company has invested a lot of

10 Best Resources to Learn Python

Learn Python and you don’t have to worry about finding a job because python developer will fit into different job roles. Python is used right from scripting to constructing large websites and on creating chatbots  which is

How To Handle Telephone Screening Interview Process

Companies often start the interview process with a telephone screening.This is advantageous from the company’s side.Because it can take a lot of people to organize a face to face interview,Finding available times for all the interviewers, HR,

5 Major Reasons Why You Should Work At StartUp

Having a job in big corporate office might have its own benefits and might give you better pay(initially) and other benefits and complaints too. Common complaints you will hear from people working for big company is that,

Success Story Of Android

Around 10 years back,operating system in mobile phone was not noticed. Everyone was happy just with the mobile phone.Today the first consideration when getting the mobile phone is probably the operating system.This change in peoples mindset can