5 Skills that helps to get more career opportunities

Below listed are the skills/JOBs that are evergreen(always in a high demand) and gives your more job/career opportunities in IT/Software field.

1.Programming and Cloud

Programmers skilled in Perl, Ruby, Ruby on Rails and Python, Java and JavaScript, as well as those comfortable with API development and a DevOps environment, will also be in high demand, because cloud technology depends heavily on those disciplines
companies are moving infrastructure or applications between private and public clouds (AWS etc)

2.Full Stack Development

Full stack developers are in demand in the IT industry because it involves combination of multiple skills.
Frontend in avascript frameworks and Backend in MEAN / Django.

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3.Data Analytics, Data architects, integration experts, Hadoop

Data architects, who design the structure to support emerging needs

Data integration engineers, who ensure that data solutions and analytics from any number of sources can be integrated

and IT planning analysts, who aggregate and analyze data from many internal and external sources to help IT know what its business partners are likely to need in the future.

  • Technical titles that are and will remain hot include
  • Hadoop developer, data engineer,
  • big data software architect,
  • and enterprise data architect
4.Understanding patterns in huge Data

Call it Machine learning , Business intelligence , Data Science or Predictive Analytics. The ability to understand useful patterns in huge data sets is a must skill. Python is a best suited for many of these roles

5.Wearables , IOT and Robotics

wearable devices will be used to train new employees, speed up the sales process, improve customer service, create hands-free guidance for workers and improve the accuracy of information collected to serve the growing analytics movement at companies everywhere.

Companies will require more and more APIs to tap the power of emerging technologies, such as the Internet of Things, robotics and artificial intelligence

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IT professionals will have roles to play in programming, integrating and building out the infrastructure for organizational applications of AI and robotics. Indeed, IoT could breed a new specialist who can combine skills in hardware, engineering, programming, analytics, privacy and security.

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