How To Be Best Version Of You In Interview

Believe you can and you are halfway there.

You have only one chance to make the first best impression.

So make your first best impression by preparing good resume and then you are halfway there.You should be able to answer about everything in your resume so be  genuine and add actual content.

Preparations to do before face to face interview


1.Get to know more about the company which you have applied for interview and you will be clear to decide if the company is right place for you to work.

This will also help you while having conversation with interviewer and you can show yourself well in “tell me about yourself” by adding few words about the company and your interest in the company.  gives reviews about companies. You can search for companies.

Match your qualifications with Job requirements listed  and be prepared to answer how you are the right choice for the job position.

2.Pick your comfortable formal outfits for your job interview.Just keep your outfit as simple as that because appearance plays major role in getting first good impression.

3.Practice most common interview questions like tell me about yourself , your strengths and weakness , what are your expectations.

4.Make a checklist and check it on night before the interview.

  • Resume and referral mail(if you are going through some referral) copies
  • check the Bus route to reach the company.
  • Formal outfit
  • Healthy meal
  • Prepare the questions which you want to ask interviewer to get clarity about the company or the job position.
  • If you have the details of interviewer then check their profile in
  • Avoid sweaty palms

5.Most importantly there are some things which you should tell and not to tell or do during interview.

Should  in interview:
  • You are motivated
  • You are constantly seeking to learn new things
  • You are flexible at work
  • You are a good influncer
  • You are excited about the job.
  • Provide an example for the questions asked by interviewer.
Should not  in interview:
  • Talking negatively about the current employer.
  • showing not interest in knowing about the interviewer or the company.
  • Answering phone calls or text messages.
  • Taking long time for answering the question.If you dont know the answer then be open and tell that you dont know the answer.
  • While introducing you dont tell more about personal life.Just few words is fine.

6.Practice and prepare for Group discussion.

7.When your turn comes,enter the room with a smile and show your interest on company and job.

Listing some of the resources which you can refer for interview preparation


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