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Exam success and their relevance to career  by Balaji Vishwanathan-Top writer in QUORA

Wishing you all the best for GATE 2018. Definitely you should put your best effort foward.  However a single event cannot determine your entire life.  Sometimes only when a gate is closed, we realize there are plenty

10 Best Books and Tips to get good GATE score

Its not about how bad you want it.Its about how hard you are willing to work for it. Getting good score in gate doesnt depend on which book you follow. Study the books that u have been

Happy New Year and Best wishes for Gate 2018

Hope your preparation is going great. Wishing you the very best for GATE 2018. Happy to introduce Google Drive with study materials on CS. We have compiled various useful websites to learn CS/IT topics at  CareerHunt. Thanks to

INDIA's Largest Facebook group for GATE Exam

Computer Science Careers – INDIA’s Largest Facebook group for GATE Exam Computer Science Careers is the largest Facebook group for GATE exam and giving free assistance to students to achieve excellence in the field of computer science. The