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Few Interview Questions on JAVA

Java is the versatile languages for programming.ML libraries are usually implemented in Java.Though it has very less inbuilt functions and plenty of advantages made to use it for machine learning.Since it is foundation for Machine learning , there

12 Best Resources to Learn Java

As a versatile languages and “Write once and run anywhere” concept,made Java to have very wide applications.ML libraries are usually implemented in Java.So becoming expert in Java will give you more learnings and job opportunities. There are

Scripting Languages on JVM

Initially JVM was designed to support only Java.Later with the growing needs and technology many scripting languages are developed which can run on JVM. Scala,Clojure and Jython are the top 3 scripting languages among many that can run

JVM – Java Virtual Machine

JVM is the platform where Java programs run and it is the one which makes java program as platform independent.It is used in many,many different ways,from desktop applications to online real time trading systems. Execution process JAVAC