Creating Chatbots using Python

Chatbots is computer program which will have a conversation or interaction with user through chat and it is hot now because,

  • create a unique customer experience and also user-friendly.
  • and  give you a feeling that you’re talking to a real person rather than a computer
  • It can schedule meetings, tell you the weather, and provide customer support and many more.That’s why business absolutely love them and use them as part of their branding .

We conducted a webinar on how to develop chatbot using python.

About the Speaker

Srushith from CodeOps Technology , Experienced Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. He loves Python, Serverless technologies, Multisim, Matlab, C++, Amazon Web Services, and Cloud Technologies.

This two hour webinar covers,

  1.  Write fun and tiny little code in Python to automatically tweet (and become popular)
  2. Build a simple personal assistant/Conversational User Interface (chatbot) using Python

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