Higher education in Germany

There is a general assumption among people that higher education, especially if you want to study abroad, is always costly. But that is not the case at all.

If you have the merit, you can even receive free education at German universities.

The standards of education in Germany is quite good and relevant to the job market and industry needs of today, and also the German University Ranking is quite good. This can be easily understood by having a look at the QS World Rankings.

The German education fees are way less than most other countries of the world.

As an undergraduate, there is a charge per semester for enrolment, confirmation and administration. This is typically not more than €300(~24000) per semester. However this varies depending on the university.

The cost of living is around €600 per month depending on the city. This might be a bit more than their tuition fees itself, but students can easily manage this by doing part time job which is easily available in Germany.

Germany is creating jobs not only for themselves but also for the neighbouring countries.

Also, getting a German Student Visa is not a very difficult task. At the same time, the German education system for international students has been designed in such a manner that the international students find it quite easy to adapt to their style of learning.

If a student is meritorious enough with good academic scores and have basic German language skills (A1 and A2 is minimum level needed), then it is very easy to get into germany for higher education.

German language is the predominant language in 7 countries in Europe, so learning it is quite useful for students.

The top universities in Germany are state funded and students has to pay amount of about €500 euros for their social security.

A compulsory internship programme in all courses are offered by Germany universities in which the student are paid minimum wages that are fixed by Government. Also, a lot of scholarships in Germany are available for student who are needy.

The first topic in CareerHunt Webinar Series on studying abroad ”Scope of Free Education in Germany” by Deblina from http://www.therdinternational.com/

You can listen to the webinar in Youtube.



The topics discussed in the Webinar are :
  1. Scope of Higher Education in Germany
  2. German Education System
  3. What to Study in Germany?
  4. Entrance exams required for getting admitted to German Universities.

In most cases, the only entrance requirement is TOEFL and in some cases like TU Munich, RWTH, Freiburg and Bochum they ask for the scores of some additional exams like GRE.

Here is the complete list of 130 MSc programs in Germany – https://www.daad.de/deutschland/studienangebote/international-programs/en/?p=l&q&degree[0]=2&fos=3&subject[0]=350&lang[0]=2&fee[0]=0&sortBy=1&page=1&display=list

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