INDIA’s Largest Facebook group for GATE Exam Preparation

Computer Science Careers – INDIA’s Largest Facebook group for GATE Exam Preparation

Computer Science Careers is the largest Facebook group for GATE exam preparation and giving free assistance to students to achieve excellence in the field of computer science.

The group started with the motive of helping GATE aspirants, who can not afford good coaching because of their  economic condition or remote locations.

Our group is useful for students and professionals also who like to enrich their foundations in this field. It is also useful for people preparing for Masters and/or PhD’s in Computer Science along with preparing for GATE.

The group started gaining popularity after receiving massive positive feedback from GATE top rankers regarding the guidance provided.

How the group started

A few years back, we teamed up together to help people pursue their dream of cracking GATE. Today, the group has grown to be biggest education group on Facebook with more than 2Lakh+ members.

As the time passed more people joined the GATE group as Moderators, Content Providers, Curators, and GATE aspirants, and it has grown to be the single point of contact for more than 80% of the GATE aspirants across the country.

Currently, we have 2Lakh+ members along with 100+ contributors, 100+ Educators, and 12+ Administrators to manage the content and group regularly. There are 100-150 members join every day and 50 questions posted and answered every day.

Since 2014, more than 80% of the qualified GATE aspirants have used this group actively and they are being still an active member of the group to contribute regularly for the fellow GATE aspirants in future.

The group also provides,
  • Course material covering the entire syllabus for GATE
  • Comprehensive mock tests
  • Webinars
  • discuss their probability of getting admission for M.Tech. course in different IISc/IITs/NITs/IIITs/other universities based on their rank etc.

Any such assistance provided by CSC is conceived and designed by GATE toppers of previous years, Ph.D. and Post-Doctoral students studying in IITs and national, and foreign universities.

In almost all IITs and NITs, CSC has its representatives to gather such information. These representatives are mainly admins and moderators of the group and those students who once got benefited from this group and agreed to give their voluntary service

Success Story of our Computer Science Careers group

Most of the top rankers in GATE exam have been benefited from this community, for last 3 years and so.

AIR-1 of Year-2015 (Ravi Shanker Mishra), 2016 (Ankita Jain ) and 2017 (Deval Patel) have been the members of the group from the starting of their preparations.