Most of the product-based companies work on latest technology that are generally not a part of curriculum that is taught in colleges. When you have the required skillset you can easily find a job in your desired product company.

To work in Product based companies like Google,Oracle,Microsoft,Paypal,some skillsets are needed.

  • Problem solving skills
  • Communication skills
  • Product domain knowledge

In CareerHunt,we have conducted webinar on topic”Job interview process at product companies”.

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About the Speaker:

Govardhan from Google will be presenting a webinar on how the technical interview process at product based companies look like

Meeting URL:
Jan 27th – Saturday 10.30 PM

Govardhan completed his Masters in Computer Science from IIT Kharagpur. He worked in Microsoft, Inmobi and currently works at google

The topics of discussion are
1. Cracking Google or other companies of similar class.
2. Improving Problem Solving, Coding and Algorithmic skills.
3. Learning CS approaches/methodologies.
4. Software Engineering practices etc.
5. Some introduction to Competitive Coding

Slides from earlier talk by Govardhan

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