BitBucket Advantages and Disadvantages

Version Control Systems are tools which help manage the code for a project as it changes over time. They allow past versions of the project to be saved in case new changes break things.

They also have quite a few other features and are often quite complex but as a simplification you can think of them as a way to backup code and share it between different people.


Bitbucket is a system for hosting version control repositories owned by Atlassian. It is a competitor to github.

  • Different operating systems support this platform.
  • You just need to create to register on the official website and then you can create your personal account.
  • In fact, it is based on a source code management mechanism.
  • You can simultaneously use the code with integrated comments, and also make requests, manage and share your Git repositories.
  • It is possible to create a flexible deployment model for any team. Moreover, you can get access to private and public repositories without any difficulties.

BitBucket advantages

Free for small teams

If your team includes no more than 5 individuals, you can get an unlimited number of free private repositories. So, this source code repository hosting doesn’t charge a fee for each private repository, it charges a fee only for a number of repositories in total.

Query management system

BitBucket is provided with an integrated system of query management.

Authentication via GitHub

BitBucket supports social media and authentication via GitHub.

Integrated JIRA tool

Bug tracking tool JIRA is developed by Atlassian. You may be acquainted with the previous result of their work – BitBucket service.

When the components of bug tracking are integrated, JIRA automatically updates information about problems when a new commit is performed in a BitBucket repository and here BitBucket benefits are obvious.

Repositories importing

Imports existing repositories. Great feature, isn’t it?

Discounts for students and teachers

Atlassian suggests student licenses for students and teachers for Atlassian products developed for educational purposes.

BitBucket is included, therefore students and teachers can have unlimited private repositories with an unlimited number of participants.


  • Private repositories are free for a team with 5 members and fewer. If the team is larger, it will be necessary to pay for each additional team member.
  • The only way of search is to launch repository and find it locally or use external apps.
  • Not so stable as GitHub. Some problems during a work session may slow down the process.