JEE Main Counselling by JoSAA

After JEE, the major source of confusion is how the counselling procedure works and how can students get the best college and branch based on their ranks.

Here we have spotlighted JoSAA counselling preocedure.

The Counselling procedure is done by Joint Seat Allocation Authority (JoSAA) in short. They are responsible for everything ranging from allocation of seats to reporting and collection of initial fees.

So now, let’s jump to how the counselling procedure works.

First, students who have cleared the JEE Main cut off and/or JEE Advanced cut off for that particular year have to login with their previous login details which they had used in the JEE Main site.

Then, they are asked to fill up the choices available to them.

A student can fill up as many as choices as they wish to, and based on their rank and order list, a college having the highest preference in his or her list will be alloted to him.

After the initial seat allotment in the first round, all candidates have to report to their nearest reporting center to get their seats verified and choose any option among the following :

  • Float : Wait for both college and branch get upgraded.
  • Slide : Wait for branch to be upgraded in the same college.
  • Freeze : Lock both college and branch.

They will also have to pay a fee of Rs.45000 fee as confirmation of seat acceptance.

If a student wishes to withdraw from the counselling procedure, he can do so at this stage by not reporting to a reporting center.Next, based on the options, the counselling rounds will go on further.

It must be noted, a candidate can change from Float to Slide or Freeze and from Slide to Freeze at any round of counselling.Before the final round of counselling, a candidate can withdraw his seat and get full refund.

In the final round, candidates will get their final allocation of seats and they will have to report to their alloted colleges to get the final verification and reporting done along with payment of balance fees, if any.

No seat can be withdrawn at this stage.

This is how the counselling procedure works.Make sure you do not miss out on this.