Careerhunt is hiring partner for – the leading robotics company in India.  Founded by Balaji Vishwanathan , Mitra has greeted the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and Ms.Ivanka Trump

Senior AI Engineer


  1. Build new applications with Python/Django

  2. Build new algorithms for vision, speech and recommendation systems

  3. Deploy and manage the AWS installation

  4. Develop C/C++ code to manage the embedded systems.


  1. 5+ years in software development

  2. Strong exposure to Python/Django with the ability to learn new languages & MVC frameworks

  3. Documenting processes on Jira

  4. Degree in CS is highly recommended

QA Engineer [Production]


  1. Manage production process

  2. Ensure quality control

  3. Take the company through key standards [CE, RoHS, ISO, FCC]

  4. Do internal process audits


  1. 3+ years in QA at a manufacturing company

  2. Degree in mechanical engineering/production engineering

  3. A strong eye for quality

  4. Familiarity with standards


We offer internships in sales, marketing, robotics and software development. Highly driven students from top colleges are invited to apply.

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