9 Must Know Programming Languages for the First Time Coder

For the first time coder,it may be challenging to find which programming language

How Continuous Integration Works with Jenkins

Jenkins is one of the devops and open source automation tool written in Java

DevOps Tools – Puppet , Chef , Ansible and SaltStack – Pros and Cons

DevOps is a mixture of two terms DEVelopment and OPerationS. It is a set of practices

10 Strategies to Solve Problems in Competitive Exams

For any competitive exams like gate only concepts is not enough ,you need strategy to

TensorFlow for Machine learning and Deep learning

Tensorflow is an open source software library for numerical computation by using data flow graphs. In graphs, nodes represent mathematical operations, edges represent multidimensional data known as tensors.Computations can be

5 Last Minute Tips for JEE Main

8th April, 2018 is the D-Day for all the JEE aspirants. Joint Entrance Examination (Main) is a national level entrance test conducted by CBSE for admission to B.Arch, B.Tech and

Getting your first job in IT industry

Guest post by Ganesh SG, summarized by Rashmi Today, there are thousands of engineering colleges and merely getting a pass mark in +2 is enough to get an engineering seat

12 Tips On Salary Negotiation

The key to successful salary negotiation is to avoid getting screwed.There are two main strategies, The first strategy is to convince the company that you are worth more by skill level.

What is Apache Spark?

Apache Spark is an emerging platform that has more flexibility than MapReduce but more structure than a basic message passing interface. It relies on the concept of distributed data structures (what

10 Best Resources to Learn Python

Learn Python and you don’t have to worry about finding a job because python developer will fit into different job roles. Python is used right from scripting to constructing large