Rhodes Scholarship – Eligibility Criteria and Selection Process

The Rhodes Scholarship is considered to be one of the most prestigious scholarships across the globe. It is an international postgraduate scholarship which is awarded to support students to study at the Oxford University.

Eligibility Criteria

These are the necessary conditions for Indian citizens to apply for the Rhodes scholarship, however please note that satisfying all of these does not guarantee selection.

  • Nationality : Applicants must be an Indian national holding a valid Indian passport.
  • Education and Residency : The applicant must have completed at least 4 of the last 10 academic years at an Indian institution. They also must have completed either a school leaving examination (10th or 12th) or must be in the final year of an undergraduate degree in India.
  • Age : The applicant must have reached at least 19 years of age.
  • Academic Qualifications : The application must complete their undergraduate degree with First Class, or equivalent.

Selection Process

  1. Candidates must complete the online application form before a certain deadline (Generally end of June every year).
  2. The application form must be supported by all the documents that are needed.
  3. Longlisted candidates will be interviewed at certain interview centres in the country. The students who are not in India due to some reason will be considered and their interview will be undertaken via video conference or telephone.
  4. Candidates selected from these preliminary interviews will be called in for a final interview. Everyone has to attend these interviews in person on the given date, failing which their candidature will be cancelled immediately.
  5. Candidates who do not receive any reply at any stage should assume that they have been eliminated.

Important Documents for Application

  • Birth certificate, as a proof that you complete the required age criteria.
  • A copy of a valid passport, as a proof that you are a resident of India.
  • Official transcripts from the university/institution(s) in which you currently study or have studied in the past, as proof that you have been studying in India for the last 4 years.
  • Proof of studying at an institution in India for the past 4 years, if you are neither an undergraduate student at an Indian university or completed schooling in an Indian institution.
  • A full CV, which should include details about prizes, scholarships, positions of leadership, involvement in student, voluntary, community or political activities and any cultural, musical or sporting accomplishments.
  • A head and shoulder colour photograph, which should in jpg format.
  • A signed personal statement of not more than 1000 words which should include :
    (i) General interests and activities, and your life aims after you complete your studies.
    (ii) aims and priorities and the contribution you have made and would like to make to your home country and the region.
    (iii) the course of study and degree you wish to follow at Oxford.


Along with the completed online application form and the documents, you will need to provide six referees for your application.

You will need to provide email addresses of all your referees.

At least three of your chosen referees should be in academics who have taught you in your undergraduate studies and who can comment in detail on your academic ability and how well they think you would do at Oxford.

Other referees should testify to your character and/or your involvement in extra-curricular and leadership activities.

These referees should be teachers or other persons who are able to comment critically on whether you fulfil the extra-curricular, non -academic requirements of the Scholarship and who can speak in detail to your character.

A good referee is one who knows you well, rather than a well-known person who only knows you superficially.

Your referees must not be personal friends, relations or contemporaries.

Please only choose reliable people who will respond if they are approached for further details.

They will also be asked to provide their business and home (or mobile) telephone and fax numbers as well as their postal address for verification purposes.

Rhodes being one of the most sought after scholarships in the world, is highly competitive and fairly difficult to receive. However, it is worth every bit of it if you make it till the end of the process!

We wish you all the best in the journey called Rhodes Scholarship.

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