In our career, there are different junctures at which a wrong step can lead to missing an opportunity of a lifetime.

We often look up to some of the most successful people in the world, and we wonder, why can’t we be like them?
Well, the simplest answer is that we cannot take the right decision at the right time like them.

But have these successful people achieved it all by themselves?Absolutely not!

There must have been someone who has guided them at these crucial junctures and helped them make the most of every opportunity that came on their way.

Here we have exhibited the top reasons for having a career coach in life.

1.Helps you to take an informed decision

Sometimes in our career, a choice between two opportunities comes our way.

Let’s assume you have two offers from company A and B as a fresher engineering graduate.A offers more salary but not a good job profile, while B offers less salary but a better job profile which has more room for growth in the coming years.In this situation, what would you do?

Depends on a lot of factors like your current family scenario, whether you ar ein need of money etc. You need to assess all these conditions and then take a decision based on them.

Doing this alone can be very very stressful and prove to be quite a huge disaster if you get carried away by a single reason alone.

This is where your coach or mentor comes into play. He can help you take an informed decision based on your current scenario so that you can make the most of the opportunity that you get.

2.Helps you to overcome dilemma

Should I go for this, or should I go for that?

When we have two good enough options at our hand, it becomes really difficult.Just when you settle your mind on one, your brain signals you to rethink your decision.This goes on like an infinite loop and it never stops.

Overcoming dilemma alone is quite impossible, and this is why, you should have a life coach who is ready to discuss all the parameters and help you take the right decision when you are in a dilemma.

3.Corrects your wrongs and tells you the right way

More often than not in our career, we meet people who says yes to everything we do when we are doing well in our lives but when things go wrong, these same people will stab our backs and keep talking about how wrong we were.

This not only hurts you, but also damages your emotional quotient, self esteem and confidence very very badly.This is where your life coach comes in handy.

He will correct you whenever you are dong something wrong, and will always appreciate if you do something good.And the best part? He says it on your face, and not behind your back. This can really help you in boosting your morale greatly.

4.Provides emotional support

Often in our lives, we come across situations where everything falls apart and nothing goes right. During these times, keeping yourself calm, and going ahead might be a very stressful task.

This is where again your life coach can prove to be a life saver.He will discuss everything with you, have a little chat, and uplift your mood and boost your confidence so that you are ready for a new day and a new battle.

This is really helpful in times of distress.

5.Does not become jealous of your success

We have met several people in the past, but how many of them are actually happy about your success and not jealous of it? Well, not too many.

Your life coach is one of those rare people who are actually happy when you succeed.

This helps you in staying happy always, whether you are at the pinnacle, or in distress, and helps you cruise through any situation in life.


If we sum everything up, a life coach is an absolute necessity in today’s competitive world. Find yours, and see the difference yourself!